Nico Garcia

I create delightful products for startups

Hi there, I'm Nico. Startup founder, designer & investor. I help early-stage startups find their voice and visual identity. From branding, to website, to the look & feel of their digital products.

I am a founders who work exclusively with founders.


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I move fast and break things

Understanding the uphill battle of launching a startup, particularly when securing top talent or specialist assistance can cost a fortune, I felt compelled to lend a hand.

Drawing from my own journey of raising significant VC funds, contributing to products at WhatsApp that reached a global audience, and scaling my own venture to capture tens of thousands of users, I've personally navigated the challenges you're encountering. This firsthand experience fuels my dedication to supporting founders like you—not just to make ends meet, but to excel.

My approach centers on offering unparalleled design services that embody the essence of your startup. From crafting exquisite product designs to compelling landing pages, I work with the urgency and commitment of a co-founder. My goal is to not only accelerate your progress but to elevate your venture to new heights.

Nico Garcia

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What and how I do what I do.

After working with dozens of startups, leading multiple design teams, I've incorporated invaluable experience that helps the companies that I work with achieve quantifiable goals and create delightful products and experiences.

I believe processes determine the quality of products. If we want to improve our products, we must improve our processes.

We would like you to be able to measure the challenge that we face when starting a project to create a digital product: it goes beyond its functionality and aesthetics, basically it has to do with solving a problem, that people use it, generate return, be more efficient and meet business objectives, sounds abstract, right?

It involves the participation of many people, with different roles and points of view, which reduces our path not only to making a good design or working with the best technology, but to the ability to organize ourselves: to define the best activities, so that starting from efficient communication, results are generated.

Generating good results is what led me to propose a structured process, based on methodologies and ways of thinking that you may have heard, such as User Centered Design and Design Sprints.


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